Parents on Leave™ | Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked about Parents on Leave™️.

If you have a question that is not answered here, we invite you to contact us.

The Program is designed for employees in the corporate, government, academic, NFP and other sectors who have opted to take parental leave with a view to resuming their career role at the conclusion of that leave. We encourage participation from both men and women taking parental leave. It is anticipated that this Program may be most suited to those taking a full year’s leave, however that is not a requirement.

The six-month Program can be joined at any time during parental leave that suits the new parent, contingent on scheduled Program start dates. However, our strong recommendation is that the final (sixth) session is as close to the return to work date as possible. For those taking a full 12-month break, the ideal time to start would therefore be during the second half of that leave period.

Yes, they can commence the Program while on parental leave and continue once they return to the workplace. Alternatively, it is possible for participants to opt in to the Program once they have returned to work.

The six modules are designed to be sequential with a common ‘project’ running throughout, and a consistent peer cohort and learning environment. It is therefore important that someone can commit to the six half-day modules with their particular cohort, spread across six months. This helps build valuable connection and momentum for all participants in the cohort.

We are monitoring demand for acceleration closely and may look to schedule a shorter timeframe Program (e.g. two sessions per month) if there is adequate demand. We do recognise that taking even half a day out from carer responsibilities once per month is a challenge for many.

We anticipate that employers will want to fund employee participation, as part of their longer-term talent strategy initiatives. Where employer funding is not an option, those wanting to self-fund their participation are welcome to do so.

We suggest that the employee’s Line Manager is best positioned to sponsor their participation in the Program. The Line Manager will also attend Module Six, the ‘marquee event’ with the employee on parental leave as they prepare to return to work.