Program Aims

The Aims of the Parents on Leave™ Program

“All my life I always wanted to be somebody, now I see that I should have been more specific.” Lily Tomlin


Clarity of purpose and clarity of goals are important enablers of career and work/life success – these are core elements of Parents on Leave™.


Our aim is to ensure that everyone returns to their organisation with confidence and clarity around their career goals. Parents on Leave™ offers a hugely supportive and professional environment to facilitate this.


It’s all about the conversation – and it’s win-win”. The opportunity to interact with peers and continue to build a professional network is a key differentiator for Parents on Leave™ and vital to its success for participants.


Parents on Leave™ forms a ‘bridge’ for employees between time away for parental leave and their return. For employers, the Program helps to underpin other strategic initiatives associated with managing the talent pipeline.


Parents on Leave™ is specifically focused on each individual’s career and preparing for a smooth, confident re-entry into the workplace when the time is right.

What are the benefits for you?