Our approach to career coaching and mentoring is highly pragmatic, future-focused, and based on many combined years in executive, board, consulting, coaching and mentoring roles.

Career Coaching for Parents - Parents on Leave
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“Catherine has been a long-time leader, colleague, mentor and quiet inspiration for me over the last 15 years. She provides a sounding board for all manner of decisions – from career defining, to a random thought bubble. She provides the balance of being a great listener open to almost any idea, to the pragmatist that says how it is. Through Catherine I was introduced to Sheena, who I am lucky enough to consider a mentor, a coach and a trusted advisor who helps me define my thinking, shift my perspective where required, and remind me what ‘good’ looks like. Catherine and Sheena have supported and challenged me to think differently about my own career, filled me with confidence and encouraged my strengths. It is an absolute privilege to have worked with both of them”.

Belinda Woods Executive HR Consultant

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Sheena has been a wonderful mentor to our group of diverse women. She guided us through a year long program where her style was inclusive, encouraging and was the glue to our group. Sheena stretched our thinking and brought emerging trends on different topics that has helped shape and challenge our thinking. Sheena went above and beyond expectations and we continue to learn and be guided by her three years after the program!

Catherine Sherwin, Senior Associate - Planning, Ricardo Energy Environment and Planning

Catherine is an exceptional HR leader and up there with the best in her field. Her insights are always valuable and she balances strength of character and determination with charm and grace. A true professional and always wonderful to deal with.

Joe Screnci, Executive Chairman, Hoffman Reed

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It’s a real privilege to meet someone like Sheena. I have had the immense pleasure of working with Sheena as a mentor and coach for the last few years, through Women on Boards. Sheena’s ability to juggle multiple projects and her extensive global career is very impressive as is her ability to listen and get people working collaboratively together - even people who were initially on completely different pages. Personally, she is an inspiration to me and has been so supportive. I would highly recommend Sheena to anybody wishing to work on their career whether to advance or wishing to pivot or just get some clarity.

Manami Ray, SUGAR Network for Design Innovation

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I have been incredibly privileged to partner with Catherine for over 10 years in all areas of talent management. Catherine has an outstanding reputation in the Executive market. Consistently I receive feedback on her depth and breadth of knowledge & experience. On a personal level Catherine has been a wonderful confidante and coach when discussing my own career.

Jo Skipper, Director, Victoria The Next Group

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I was fortunate enough to meet Sheena almost three years ago. At the time I was undertaking a fantastic leadership program with Women on Boards. As part of this program we were required to work as a syndicate on a great leadership project. Sheena became our syndicate advisor for this project. During the program she provided us with a tremendous level of care, guidance, wisdom and inspiration. Her willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise but also challenge my way of thinking and way of doing things was and continues to be invaluable to me personally. I value our friendship and I equally value her guidance and contribution to my growth. Her guidance has always come from a good place and has in turn enabled me to get to a better place.

Zekija Glamocic, Risk Executive, Institutional Banking, Commonwealth Bank of Australia